Saturday, August 29, 2015

Still Watch DVD?

Windows 10 recently released to relatively positive reviews.  One big drawback for me, however, was Microsoft's decision to drop support for playing movies on DVD.  Yes, we all know the future of video is in streaming.  But I still like the ease and simplicity of watching a movie at times when I am not connected to the Internet.

There are not many free programs that will provide you with the ability to watch DVDs on your computer.  But there is one that is extremely popular: VLC Media Player.  In addition to DVD, VLC will play a range of other video formats, including various MPEG versions, DivX, mp3, and ogg.

The interface itself is relatively feature rich and has a range of options.  You can even stream video across your network.

VLC is 100% free, no trial period or paying for a pro version.  It is great, works as promised and fills a great need for video lovers everywhere.  Give it a try!

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